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Collaboration with educational organizations

We are offering a unique opportunity for universities and other educational organizations across the globe to complement the IT program and let students explore cybersecurity more engagingly.

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Benefits from partnering with Hacktory

Benefits from partnering

Pave the way for your students in Information Security, Computer Science, Software Development

  • computer
    Keep up with modern trends and technology developments
  • university
    Diversify, complement, and improve the university program of Computer Science disciplines
  • game
    Provide students with a unique breadth of knowledge, applied skills, and real-life experience from seasoned cybersecurity experts
  • cybersecurity
    Facilitate the cybersecurity educational process for students with an innovative game-based platform and market-aligned courses
  • threats
    Keep students and university personnel informed about the most common cybersecurity threats and bring up new talents
  • people
    Help students self-develop and join the community of like-minded people across the globe

About the educational program Hacktory offers

Students are expected to show self-discipline and desire to learn something new in the various areas of cybersecurity

Students will have access to the Web Security or Java Secure Programming courses
The educational program lasts from 3 to 4 months
The program comprises 15 lectures (1 per week)
Students submit 70 practical assignments

Hands-on practice

During the program, each student has to select one of the topics for study and prepare a practice assignment related to the chosen vulnerability, which includes:

  • The description of the vulnerability
  • Ways to find it in code and during testing
  • Ways to fix it
  • Typical examples of vulnerability implementation
  • Ways to exploit the vulnerability
  • Public cases of disclosure of the chosen vulnerability
Upon completion, each student prepares a report, a presentation, and submits their practice assignments. Students are encouraged to share their excellent results at the online conference organized at the end of the program.

Online lectures

Each lesson includes identification and exploitation tasks as well as code correction tasks

  • Searching for files and directories
  • Directory Traversal, LFI/RFI vulnerabilities
  • SQL injections and NoSQL injections
  • CSRF and XSS
  • XXE and SSRF
  • SSTI
  • Serialization vulnerabilities
  • Authentication and authorization bypass
  • Security misconfigurations and vulnerable components

Advantages for students

  • free
    Free access to the Hacktory platform:
    no fees are required.
  • professional
    Professional training:
    lectures are delivered by experts with years of experience in information security.
  • schedule
    flexible schedule allows students to combine this program with their studies; students can choose convenient time slots for lectures and practical tasks.
  • support
    the curators will support the students and help them in solving practical tasks through a ‘Discord’ chat.
  • monitor
    Software-independent environment:
    no additional tools are needed – just a computer and a browser.
  • magistr
    Certificates confirming the acquired knowledge:
    one certificate validates the completion of the Apprenticeship; another can be obtained at the student’s request after they successfully pass the platform course exam.

Hacktory works with

University of Turku
Sbp economic university
University of economics
Tomsk university
Tomsk State University
University of NY in Prague
University of Western Macedonia
University of Western Macedonia
University of OULU
University of OULU
The Kielce University of Technology, Poland
The Kielce University of Technology, Poland

Partner with Hacktory

It is possible to participate through a partnership program with a university.

The head of the department collects lists of those wishing to participate fill in a short contact-us form.

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