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Web security and
bug bounty tactics

Unleash your bug bounty hunting spirit and become a certified pentester. You’ll plunge into the world of ethical hacking with the guidance of leading Red Team experts to have the Midas touch in bug bounty programs.

  • Real cases
  • Real experience
  • Real results

About the course

The course will get you through the lived experience of bug bounty gurus and Red Team pentesters and provide a comprehensive understanding of the most common attack tactics and vital countermeasures.
You’ll learn the fundamental security principles of the modern web and bugs finding strategy. If you dream of bug bounty payouts and pentesting certification, this course is your path to ultimate success.

To your advantage:

  • The course features real cases derived from pentesting practice and resources such as HackerOne, OWASP.
  • Each lesson includes identification and exploitation tasks as well as code correction tasks evaluated by the virtual mentor.
  • Use your full pentesting potential and creativity to embark on an adventurous bug bounty journey!

You will learn

  • Graph
    All common web vulnerabilities
  • Techniques
    Techniques of modern web application code audit
  • Creative
    Powerful bug bounties and pentesting techniques
  • Secure code
    Secure code


1. Command injections
2. Searching for files and directories
3. Directory Traversal
4. SQL injections
5. NoSQL injections
7. XSS
8. XXE
10. SSTI
11. Serialization vulnerabilities
12. Authentication and authorization bypass
13. Broken access control
14. Vulnerable components
15. Security misconfigurations
16. Business logic vulnerabilities

Let’s get started!

Turn your ideas into incredible secure web applications
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Who can benefit?

  • Pentesters
  • Developers
  • QA specialists
  • System administrators
  • DevOps

Сourse reviews

  • Darkerhack Nice course and all adequate content. "Bussines logic errors" is pretty much easy to find in Web app if someone is beginner and don't know more technical stuff. Nice сourse I do appreciate it.
  • Mr.Hacker I just checked your application and it is good though you have to add more courses and also kinda try to do it like root me exploiting real case vuln and give reference so this will give a good hands on experience too.
  • Shiv chouhan Awesome. Helpful for beginners.
  • Ali Razzaq It’s really amazing course.
  • Abss The first impression is amazing and seamless. Easy to follow, understand. I find your platform to be excellent and super easy to deal with and understand things. Labs i.e sandboxed machines are quick and good. Overall i don't see anything that's lacking.
  • ΡRΛSΞUDΟ I've gone through your course and I see that it has pretty good topics covered.

Platform advantages

  • Gamified learning process
  • Practical tasks based on real cases
  • Virtual assistants
  • Software – independent environment

Add key items to your CV after the course

Application security engineer
  • Exceptional high-quality and secure code development
  • Extended knowledge of web security tools and techniques
  • Strong working knowledge of web application code audit
  • Creative thinking and problem solving

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  • Two lessons
  • Tests
  • Two daily labs (session up to 3 hours)
  • Exam
  • Certificate
  • More hints
  • More hackcoins
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  • All theory lessons
  • Unlimited daily labs (session up to 6 hours)
  • Two 30-min practice assignments
  • Exam
  • Certificate
  • More hints
  • More hackcoins
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