Cybersecurity Online Educational Platform

About platform

Online educational platform

Virtual assistant
You have an army of virtual helpers at your disposal. Develop your skills, open new assistants, earn rewards and achievements.
No additional software
Software-independent and installation-free. Corporate environment simulated right in your browser.
Real cases, real experience
The course is built around real cases and challenges cybersecurity practitioners and bugbounty hunters came across.

Why Hacktory

Fully automated learning process
Helper bots are always here for you to answer your trickiest questions.
Rich base of theoretical materials and practice assignments. Learn your theory, master cybersecurity, and become the ultimate security champion.
Compete with other players
Challenge with your colleagues and other learners. Prove you are the best.
Scalable IT environment
IT sandboxes of different size and complexity for learners of all skill levels — from cybersecurity rookie to cybersecurity champion.
Attack and defense
Want peace prepare for war. Learn the way an attacker thinks to become a better protector and vice versa.
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    Fully automated learning process
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  • 03
    Compete with other players
  • 04
    Scalable IT environment
  • 05
    Attack and defense

Gamified learning process

Our approach is complex and unique. We focus on building practical skills with the help of our interactive platform.

Who is it for

Become faster and more effective bug finders
Become better in clean and secure coding
InfoSec specialists
Bring your application security skills close to perfection
System administrators
Build an impenetrable fortress out of the infrastructure you supervise
Sharpen your application security skills.

For everyone in one platform