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Collaboration with Companies

Join us to develop relationships with experts, access the resources of the Hacktory platform, create cybersecurity courses, and educate your teams.

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Collaboration formats

Your own courses on the Hacktory platform
Create cybersecurity courses on the game-based educational platform and make your idea a reality using the existing resources
Training and educational programs
We can co-author educational programs on a range of cybersecurity topics
Cooperative research and survey
Cooperative research can take diverse forms, including articles, studies, and surveys, addressing cybersecurity issues and infosec programs implemented in organizations or departments
Cybersecurity competitions
We can be involved in large scale or local competitions and hacking contests and award the winners with premium access to Hacktory and exclusive merch
Joint cybersecurity events
Our team of pentesters and leading infosec experts speak at conferences, webinars, and workshops both online and on-site. You can join!
Shared source code
On individual terms, we can provide the source code of our platform and give your teams access to our resources

Benefits of partnering with Hacktory

  • Extending outreach and impact
    We’ll work together to bring data and knowledge to a broader audience and reach new markets
  • Expertise
    Deliver high-quality education, accumulate experience to create joint courses, and release research
  • Competitive advantage
    Bring forward the talents and strengths of your team and enhance them with our library of reusable code and project plans
  • Creativity and new perspective
    Exchange ideas that result in new products and lead to more outstanding accomplishments
  • Reputation and credibility
    Build a genuine reputation by working with a credible and well-known company
  • Community awareness
    Keep up with the modern trends and technology development to protect yourself from security threats and minimize risks

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We are ready to collaborate and build mutually beneficial relationships with organizations from different industries. Let us know what you are looking for!

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