About Hacktory Corporate Solution

The Hacktory Corporate Platform is designed for organizations that want to pre-purchase certain training blocks with flexible time frames and numbers of employees.

A built-in rating system helps monitor the participants’ progress and makes the learning process competitive for users within the organization.

Who is it for?

The Hacktory Corporate Platform is best suited for the organizations seeking to:

  • Raise the cybersecurity awareness of the employees significantly
  • Manage the users engaged in training
  • Acquire vast experience in cybersecurity areas of their choice
  • Train small groups and big classes with courses fit to meet the organization’s main goals

The Hacktory Corporate Platform benefits

SDL Basics

A huge choice of courses and practical lab assignments allows organizations to deal with specific security issues in their development process. You take the right courses for certain employees to successfully build the SDL.


Our gamified platform makes the learning process engaging, fun, and interactive. Besides games, there are real-world cases for practice enhancing the overall learning experience of all students.


Our approach is complex and unique. We focus on building practical skills with the help of our interactive platform.

Rating system

The rating system adds competition to the learning process. The in-company ratings are integrated into personal accounts and motivate your employees to do better.

Two approaches to the learning process for organizations

Skill factory

  • 1-year license for a number of employees in one package
  • Management board to monitor their progress
  • Choose the courses designed to meet the needs of your organization

1-year license incl Manager board for

Individual packages for organizations

  • Purchase a flexible amount of user licenses
  • Prepaid packages with a time limit that suits most organizations
  • Management board to monitor the progress of the users
  • 30, 60 and 90 days packages available

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