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JavaScript Security

This course came out of real penetration testing practice. Boost your secure programming skills and produce reliable web applications based on JavaScript.

  • 8 lessons
  • 17 practice assignments

About the course

This course is about JavaScript web vulnerabilities. It is meant for ReactJS front-end developers and NodeJS back-end developers.

To your advantage:

  • Face real cybersecurity challenges. Hone your skills solving real cases and choose when to learn new material and complete assignments
  • Deal with two-way cybersecurity. Practice both offensive and defensive security
  • Use killer tools. Learn to work with the key automated tools for vulnerability search

You will learn

  • Preventing disclosure of confidential data
  • Disabling sourcemap to prevent attackers from finding bugs in the source code
  • Validating user input if dangerouslySetInnerHTML is enabled and getting rid of malicious data to prevent XSS
  • Checking GET URL for tokens to prevent privilege escalation and that ReactJS Build does not have admin routes

The only course that includes practice assignments with ReactJS

  • Open Redirect is a vulnerability that enables successful phishing attacks
  • SourceMap is a widespread error: developers forget to disable the output of source code in prod versions
  • dangerouslySetInnerHTML is an insecure function of ReactJS that allows
  • dangerouslySetInnerHTML is an insecure function of ReactJS that allows injecting JS code without proper processing of user input
  • Admin routes: open admin panel routes on the client side allow attackers gather information about the app's features and discover new attack vectors
  • Client Auth bypass: bypass of authorization on the client side. It may lead to the disclosure of sensitive information
  • Token in URL: attackers may intercept authorization tokens saved in URL and passed in GET requests to elevate their privileges


1. Introduction and useful tools
2. Cross-Site Scripting (Cookie) 
3. Cross-Site Scripting (CSRF, CSP)
4. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
5. Authentication Bypass
6. Server-Side Template Injection (SSTI)
7. ReactJS vulnerabilities
8. Prototype Pollution

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Who can benefit?

  • JS front-end developers
  • ReactJS front-end developers
  • NodeJS back-end developers
  • Anyone who is interested in JavaScript

Platform advantages

  • Gamified learning process
  • Practical tasks based on real cases
  • Virtual assistants
  • Software – independent environment

Add key items to your CV after the course

  • Understanding of the OWASP TOP-10 vulnerabilities
  • Secure JavaScript development
  • Understanding of cybersecurity tools and techniques
  • Source code audit
  • Security incident prevention
  • Creative problem-solving in cybersecurity
  • Professional certification

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