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Java Secure Programming

You’ll explore all OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities to pave the way for application security with the guidance of leading AppSec experts, Red and Blue teams. Don’t know how to fix them? After the course you’ll be not only a certified professional but also a security guard of Java code.

About the course

Take a plunge into the world of Java secure programming. You’ll explore all OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and find out how to fix them. The best way to learn new material is to get your feet wet and hands dirty, right? The lessons of the Java Secure Programming course will provide you with an opportunity to develop or extend your “black” hacking skills in practice assessments and then – your “white” skills in fixing a source code. But how do you know if you did it correctly? A virtual mentor will evaluate your tasks in less than a second.

To your advantage:

  • To eliminate a vulnerability, you have to fix a code. Nothing limits your error correction as you can use different techniques, so prove yourself as a genius programmer!
  • Your tasks are checked automatically. Each task includes two stages – you have to search for vulnerabilities and then fix them.
  • All you need is your browser, and you’ll deal with a user-friendly IDE. You can see all your corrections on a live application right away.

You will learn

  • The fundamentals of Java secure programming
  • OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and latest emerging attacks
  • Tools that allow fixing Java vulnerabilities
  • New ethical hackers’ techniques that will help you deal with Java secure coding


1. Code and command injection
2. Path Traversal 
3. SQL injections 
4. Cross-site request forgery 
5. Cross-site scripting 
6. XML External Entity 
7. Template and SPeL injection 
8. Authentication and authorization bypass
9. Serialization Vulnerabilities

Prove yourself as a genius programmer!

Start your cybersecurity education for free and make your Java coding more secure.
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Who can benefit?

  • Java Developers
  • Anyone who is interested in Java programming

Platform advantages

  • Software-independent environment
  • Practical tasks based on real cases
  • Gamified learning process
  • Virtual assistants

Add key items to your CV after the course

Java developer
  • High-quality Java secure programming
  • Extended knowledge of web security tools and techniques related to Java programming
  • Strong working knowledge of web application code audit
  • Ability to reduce the number of issues coming from IT Security department
  • Enhance creative thinking and problem solving

We offer 3 different packages

Free trial

  • Two lessons
  • Tests
  • Two daily labs (session up to 3 hours)
  • Exam
  • Certificate
  • More hints
  • More hackcoins
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  • All theory lessons
  • Unlimited daily labs (session up to 6 hours)
  • Two 30-min practice assignments
  • Exam
  • Certificate
  • More hints
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