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Lab assignments suitable for all learners

Our lab assignments are of different size and complexity for the learners of all levels. The Hacktory Platform supports everyone, from cybersecurity rookies to champions, and offers engaging assignments even for the experienced specialists.

Browser-based access with no additional requirements

Say goodbye to VPNs! AttackDefense labs can be accessed directly via any modern web browser. Depending on the lab exercise, we give you access to a Terminal/GUI based Kali, Ubuntu or other base system. All the necessary tools and scripts required for the lab are pre-installed! This makes it super easy to play with the lab no matter wherever you are - home, office, coffee shop or airport! You can get up and running with the lab in 30 seconds or less!

Learn from the best

Our assignments are created by cybersecurity specialists with experience in finding and fixing security issues and vulnerabilities in real systems. The platform is supported by the knowledge bases of the most respected resources (OWASP, hacker1, bugcrowd).

Smart bot support

The education process can be fun. Our goal is to make learning as interesting as possible. While doing the assignments, you will be by the bot who checks your answers and gives helpful tips on demand. Our Smart AI can maintain small talks, so you will never feel lonely even facing the most complex task.

Gamified process

The ratings and the achievement system are integrated into the process. Every successful assignment will give you experience points that can be spent on level-ups and take you closer to the Hall of Fame of the rating system. The more you learn, the more achievements you get.