Web security

This course helps to understand the fundamental security principles of modern web. The course provides an overview of the most common attacks and illustrates fundamental countermeasures that every web application should implement. In essence, this course offers you the knowledge and skills to build better and more secure applications on all modern frameworks.

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Penetration testing

The course provides key theory and practical lessons for anyone interested in modern penetration testing techniques. It is based on real cases, enterprise security practicies, and bug bounty programs. Practical lessons include knowledge bases from hacker1 and bugcrowd and are supported by highly qualified penetration testers with experience in enterprise security. By simulating real-life cases, practical lessons offer a unique educational experience.

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Mobile security

The modern world goes mobile, and so do the hackers. This course teaches mobile security for modern iOS and Android applications and will be useful to developers and QA specialists. Practical lessons provide vast knowledge about real attacks, adversary simulations, and the most common problems of application development. The course is based on OWASP Top 10 mobile risks and includes practical lessons with real vulnerabilities and analytics. There is no need for a real device to attend this course: every participant is provided with a virtual device by default.

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